quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013

Do you ever feel that?

"Miss Julia: Perhaps - so you are, if it comes to that. Anyhow, everything´s queer - life, humanity, everything. It´s just scum floating round and round on top of the water - till it finally sinks. There´s a dream I have every now and again, and this reminds me of it. I seem to have climbed to the top of a high pillar, and I sit there not knowing how to get down. If I look down it makes me dizzy, but I know I´ve got to get down somehow. I don´t have the courage to jump. I can´t hold on, though, and I wish I could fall, but I don´t  fall. Yet I know I won´t get any peace or rest till I´m on the ground - right down on the ground. And I know that if I were down, I should want to go deeper and deeper in to the earth. Do you ever feel that?"

August Strindberg - Miss Julia A naturalistc play (1888)

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