terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

There is a song.

There is a song of Jeff Buckley where he shouts: (...) "What is love? / What is happiness?" (...) And I could say love is bla bla bla... happiness is bla bla bla... But to whom am I saying it? To whom suits my answer unless for me? Where does the limits of my answer expands to the limits of other one thoughts? I could say it´s a urge to live. You could say it´s a floating life. So do we have a dialogue about it then? A conversation? Could we mix the two thoughts or in the end walk away in the same straight line? Do we live in questions or do we answer some questions while we live? In the way that you live you feel love you feel happiness? Or in the way you live you try to love and you try to be happy? Maybe questions keeps us alive, searching for something. An answered question is a closed topic. And in the last sentence did I close the question: "What is an answered question?" I don´t feel that I did... Can this text ends? No it does not. It could go on and on opening questions and at the same time this text is just like that because of the person that is writing it (Me). I don´t want to end it, but I don´t want it to be a tautology, so I must give it some kind of punctuation that show you (reader) it is coming to some king of an end, like this ... Or this ! Not this . The answer is still open...          

Tiago C. Bôto 2012

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