terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Dragan Klaic

Introduction to the discussion on A Commitment to Pluralism

Dragan Klaic
Director of the Dutch Theatre Institute, Netherlands

It is easy to say that you understand the need for pluralism. What is important however is what you do with your opinion. Instead of using the word 'pluralism', then, I would rather talk about 'interculturalism', since this word implies an active strategy for increasing dialogue. Interculturalism has had a place in art for a long time. One can speak of a dialogue between artists with differing backgrounds and between artists and the public. But we will not only talk about art here. It is also a question of culture. During recent years in Europe culture has become infected by malaise and scepticism. This was why I was so pleased to hear, during the discussion on the new media, that in future culture would once more be accorded an important place. That it would become the driving force behind the economy.

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