quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

Be being...

Sometimes it seems that everything is floating in the air. Like if a bomb has exploded but nothing happened. Everything continues the same. But in the other hand we are not the same any more. Or are we? Can we look in the mirror and recognize ourselves? Can we even consider that the next step, the next day has infinite options to be different? What is that, to be different? Is to take another road? Is to let the bomb explode? Is to accept and move on? What makes us change? Are we changeable? Or are we just an accumulation of different accidents? What is the true? Is something universal? Are we all the same made by the same line? Or is just the way someone looks at something. Maybe is just the way someone wants to believe in something, to make some sense of the accumulation of the accidents. In the end we just are, and by being we just are... And are we looking at the same point?


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