sábado, 24 de julho de 2010


"We walked through the street till we find a place." He was very quiet. He was in those days where the words disappear from his body and stay very tight in his mind. They find the restaurant and seated in the stone stair in the street waiting for a table. They both lighted a cigarette. Silence. -"Are you alright? - he asked him. Long pause.
-"You really don´t seem well! What´s wrong?" - he asked him again.

-"Hummmm" - he muttered - "I don´t know..." - Long silence from both.........
-"Tell me what´s wrong? Please talk to me!" - he anxiously asked him again. - Was it me? Are you mad at me?"
-"No it´s not you!" - He said. Silence. - "Hummm... I don´t know, i think it´s the same we have been talking over and over again!"

-"That´s ok we can talk as many times as you need!" - he said.
In the same time that that sentence came out of his mouth a table inside became free.

They entered the restaurant...

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