terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010


He leaves him at the bus station. He walks to the street till he gets home. He enters his big old house. He lives alone. There´s a lot of space in that house. Big silence. He opens the lights. He likes to have all the lights open when it´s night. He sits on the sofa, he lights a cigarette. He watches the seagulls flying very near to his window. He wants to capture them in video. He had a great dinner, he was sad before that dinner, now he feels light. He feels lucky. He know´s he´s lucky, that´s why he gets sad when he feels sad. But he knows that it is ok to feel sad sometimes, he mustn´t be ashamed. He knows that. He opens his computer. He writes on his blog. He wants to write something that moves him. Something that gives him passion. He starts to write about the dinner he had that night. The house still´s quiet. He lights another cigarette. He starts to write.

"We decided to have dinner out of the house that night... We decided we should do something funny...!"

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