domingo, 20 de junho de 2010


What should you do when everything around you seems falling? Is this to much dramatic? Maybe... Life is made of cycles, but some of them are hard to close. Sometimes you have to offer your hand hopping that you are helping somebody, sometimes you need some hands to help you! We all need each other, i´ve been learning it as a fact! Why should this be complicated? I don´t know, but people often complicate! I do complicate it sometimes. Yes we are very bizarre and complex animals, all searching to satisfy our emotional needs. That´s what moves us, emotional needs, if we didn't´t have them we wouldn´t move. That´s what brings us love, friendship, hate, jobs, creativity... Maybe i´m complicating trying to write about this! We all have our won true, so when everything is falling around you, you should do what it feels right for you to do!

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